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The Father Effect Digital Course - Prison Edition

John Finch

The Father Effect Digital Course takes an in-depth look at 9 topics that are vital to understanding how to be the father you were created to be and leave a amazing legacy your kids will never forget. John Finch, Speaker, Author, and Creator of The Father Effect Movie, walks through the problems that men and women struggle with and how you can overcome deep-rooted issues to find healing and hope for your family. With practical advice and solutions to common marriage, parenting, & relationship problems from Best-Selling Authors John Eldredge, Dr. Meg Meeker, Stephen Mansfield and others, you are guided through a journey to create a new path forward for your own family relationships. Answers to questions about how to deal with common relationship struggles such as anger, addiction, abuse, lack of communication, financial disagreements, parenting differences, selfishness and more, are given in order to bring positive change to your family environment now and for generations to come. If you are not completely satisfied with this course, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

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You will get instant access to:

9 Training Videos - Includes session introductions with John Finch & his exclusive full length interviews with experts on each session
8+ Hours of Video
The Father Effect Special Edition Movie
94 Minutes
9 sessions with notes & discussion questions
Print-ready PDFs
The Father Effect Ebook: Stories Every Father & Mother Needs To Hear
11 Chapters & 11 Videos
BONUS Best-Selling Author, John Eldredge (Wild At Heart) UNPLUGGED Video Interview
45 Minutes

The Father Effect Digital Course - Prison Edition

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